Rate Watch Request

The following information is required to set up a free 90-day rate watch account which will monitor the market on a daily basis. When your requested rate is available you will be notified via email.

1.  What type of loan are you interested in?     


2.  What interest rate would you like to watch?


3.  How many points are you willing to pay?


4.  What is the your requested loan amount?       


5.  What is your estimated value of the property?     


6.  What state is the property located in?        


7.  What will you use the property for?


8.  What type of property is this?                      


9.  What will you use this loan for?


10.  Are you willing to document your income?        


11.  Will you consider loans with a penalty for prepayment?                                   


12. What is your e-mail address?